Thursday, October 16, 2008

curriculum changes

Life has been busy with homeschooling, nursing, cleaning, cooking, and hospitality. When I finally got a chance to sit down today and review our new spelling curriculum I fell asleep (for a mere 20 minutes).

With the newest change in our lives (sweet baby Emily) we decided it was time to re-evaluate the time consuming curriculum that we were using. I love to read to our children and was struggling to find the time to even read one book. My wonderful husband helped me to come up with a plan so that I would have more time, get to read to the little ones, and have fun doing it all. Isn't is school suppose to be enjoyable anyway?

Our plan of action: read books to the children while nursing, change the math curriculum, change the grammar curriculum, and change the spelling curriculum. Results: Beautiful! Everyone is enjoying school and I get to read to the children once again (every time I nurse).

If you care to know we switched from Saxon Math to Math-u-see, from Shurley Grammar to First Language Lessons, and from Spelling Workout to Spelling Power. All of these tend to be written for and by homeschoolers therefore making them more user friendly for the whole family. We are homeschooling using the classical approach and thought that we had to stick to one particular curriculum and that school had to be intense and rigorous. That is not true! It is okay to vary your curriculum and to make school enjoyable. The other thing that we learned was to teach for mastery. If your child is not understanding something, the beauty of homeschooling is that you have plenty of time to slow down and re-teach until mastery has occurred.

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Disinterested Benevolence said...

just a heads up here....the saxon math program is much more a self-study program than mathusee. if you are looking for a teacher intensive math program. mathusee is it. i don't think you want that tho from the sound of it.