Wednesday, October 29, 2008

death or breaking up?

Just this week we received two important phone calls. The first was one to tell us that a very dear man in the community died of cancer. The second was from a friend about their breakup. Both callers were devastated. One was expected and the other was completely unexpected. They were both very sad. It sure makes one think of eternity.
After getting off the phone with both of them my husband and I prayed for them and we had a conversation about them. We concluded that although it is extremely difficult to lose a loved one it seems as if it would be harder breaking up with a loved one. One is permanent and the other is still around and you keep hoping that maybe things will work out again only to get your heart broke again and each time getting worse. Please pray for both of these individuals as they are both going through significant grief (Barbara and Shelly). My heart aches for these ladies. My prayer is that they would both become Christians.

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