Thursday, December 18, 2008

the long lost blogger returns!

The busyness of motherhood and the flu has taken me away from the computer! I am back now to post a few things in life we have discovered, and love, and hope that someone else will too. Here is my list:

1. Signing Time videos- wonderful for teaching children to sign using ASL sign.
2. Charlie's Soap- laundry detergent recommended by Kim over at . Kim has 11 children and recommended this very economical laundry detergent. It thoroughly cleans clothes (even poop) and leaves them smelling clean and looking bright.
3. Vision Forum- Yes, for those of you out there who hate them, I am sorry. I think that they teach men how to lead their families, women how to train their daughters to be feminine, and children to honor and obey their parents. Don has been listening to Scott Brown on Reforming the Family and I have been listening to the 200 year Plan. Even though we may not agree with everything the basic principles are there. Men should get a vision, lead their families, teach their boys to be men and their daughters to be ladies, and disciple their wives.
4. Family worship- This is one in which I cannot stress enough and need to devote an entire post to this one which I will next time. Basically for now: Read the Bible, pray, and sing hymns as a family. We also include catechism. We use Truth and Grace memory books available through . We started this all when our youngest was 2 and now he is 8. We are seeing the beauty of hiding God's Word in our hearts.
5. Time alone with my husband reading. After the children go to bed each night we make it a priority to read together. So far we have read: The Family Driven Faith, Hospitality Commands, and Jonathan Edwards: A New Biography, and are getting ready to start Respectable Sins. The areas in which we are reading include: family, piety, practical theology, and systematic theology or biblical theology, and biography. This is a time in which my husband gets to personally disciple me and I LOVE it!

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