Friday, February 13, 2009

54 Years of Marriage

Last night we had a friend over for dinner who had recently lost the love of his life. He was married for 54 years! We asked him the key to the longevity. He said for the husband to CHERISH his wife and to love her as Christ loves the church. He also said for the wife to be the helpmate to the husband. This was truly lived out in this mans life. His wife got Alzheimer's Disease about 5 years ago and he NEVER gave up on her. Just last summer, I remember seeing them at the ice-cream stand holding hands and enjoying life to the best of their ability. In fact, she never even went to live in the nursing home until the last 3 months of her life when she became incontinent and very uncooperative. Even then he was there daily and stayed 24 hours a day the last week and talked with her and cried with her. He said that even though she did not understand she KNEW he was there. This is a picture of TRUE LOVE!

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Lee Garringer said...

I remember seeing them at the ice cream place. So sad. We will pray for him...Love Mom