Monday, February 16, 2009


A term we use in our family that applies to the area in which each family member is responsible for keeping clean is called a zone. Our 8 year old is responsible for the front room and the school room. He must do a general pick-up, vacuuming job, and emptying the trash in the 2 rooms. Our 6 year old is responsible for cleaning the bathrooms. She must clean the counters, sinks, and toilets. She must also sweep and mop both rooms and clean her room daily. Our 4 year old is responsible for emptying the trash cans around the house and mostly following us around as we diligently train him to one day have his own zone at age 6. Our 2 year old is responsible for cleaning his room with his 4 year old brother while being supervised and for following us around while being trained. Our 5 month old just hangs out in the front carrier while Mom cleans the kitchen. Moms job is cleaning the kitchen, cooking meals, laundry, and teaching school. Dads job is cleaning the dining room (sweeping and mopping after each meal).
When we get up in the morning we make sure our zones upstairs have been taken care of. In the evening before we go to bed we make sure our zones all over the house have been cleaned. Before releasing each child to a particular zone they work beside us for a long period of time. Next, they are assigned a particular zone and us parents clean for them while they watch. Then, they clean the zone while we watch them for a long period of time. When we see that they are doing a good job, we release them to do the job on their own. Life is so much easier when you take the time to teach your children how to clean and for them to be responsible for certain areas of the house. It enables your children to one day be responsible adults who are capable of keeping a clean house.

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