Friday, September 12, 2008

The Importance of a Routine

If I have learned anything in life it is the importance of having a routine. Without a routine chaos reigns in the family. This is a lesson I have learned the hard way but also through examples of seeing peaceful homes with established routines. In fact, a dear friend of mine who has 11 children has taught me much about routine and having a peaceful home. I am very grateful for our friendship!
When I say routine it does not mean that one routine fits everyone. Many times it is a matter of trial and error. You must keep trying until you find a routine that fits your lifestyle and your family. Every family is different. Also for the different seasons of life your routine will change. Since the birth of Emily, we have had to change our routine. Our plan now is to work together when we get up out of bed and clean the upstairs before we eat breakfast or have family worship. Then after dinner, we work together and clean the downstairs before we have family worship. Another thing that we do is to keep all the toys upstairs and have a school room upstairs. Now when someone comes over our house is clean!
Laundry is a whole other topic that I will spend more time discussing in the future. But for now, I wash an average of about 3 loads a day and have a table set up in my kitchen where I fold the clothes and the kids help to put away their own clothes.
The biggest thing that I would say is to have the kids help early! If you teach them early in life then latter in life they will be able to do these things on their own and teach their own children. You also learn patience in teaching them. It takes a lot of training and a lot of patience but any mom will tell you that it is well worth the effort!

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