Thursday, November 6, 2008

preparing children for adulthood

When children leave the house they should be ready for adulthood. They should be able to manage finances, know how to clean a house, wash laundry, cook, lead a family or be a submissive wife, maintain personal devotional life, be hospitable, and serve others. They should know how to train and discipline their children if God should bless them with children. They should know the word of God well so that when trials in life come they will know where to turn. How many of us can say that we were fully prepared for adulthood when we entered it? Our goal as parents is to do the very best job that we can do to prepare our sons and daughters for this world. It is my prayer that when all is said and done the Lord will say that I did my job to the best of my ability. We are to give God glory by doing our best for Him.
Last night my husband and I watched an amazing testimony of faithful parents who did the very best job they could do in preparing their children for adulthood. Their son was 18 and more of an adult than a 27 year old man I know. He even owned his own business, was engaged, and was preparing to purchase his first home for the marriage. What a testimony of faithful parents! Lord, let my children not call me lazy but blessed of the Lord when they enter adulthood. May they say thank you mom and dad for preparing me for adulthood. I am ready to face this world.
For now if all you can do is wash laundry and cook to God be the glory. Train your children well, teach them (boys too) to love laundry and cooking and all the other skills will come in time as they move into the next stage of childhood.

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