Friday, January 2, 2009

Aim at Nothing and Hit It Everytime

This is a saying a used to hear daily from one of my professors in college. How true he was! What are your goals or plans for this year? Are you going to live life by the "seat of your pants" and just let each day pass with out really accomplishing much or are you going to live life in light of eternity? We never know when the day may come for us to leave this earth. Are you ready?

If not then your first priority this year should be to repent of your sins and place your trust in Christ for the forgiveness of your sins and the hope of eternal life.

For the rest of us who are Christians we need to live purposeful lives. We should evaluate everything that we do and ask the question, "am I glorifying God in this pursuit?". Are we a growing Christian or a stagnant Christian? I grew up in a home where T.V. was emphasized and not a good book. I am not saying that anything is wrong with T.V., but it needs to be purposeful and not just a relaxation or brainless activity we do. As I write this I am guilty of this very thing many times. But this year I am purposing in my heart to the Lord to live a life in light of eternity, evaluating EVERYTHING I do and say. What will my children say, my parents say, my in-laws say, and my friends say about me when I am gone? Will they say that she lived life in light of eternity and that she glorified God in her actions? I sure hope so.

We not only need goals but we need a POA (plan of action). Every good general in the Army has a POA and so should we. If war was approached with the same attitude that most Christians have (living daily life with out a plan) then we would lose. Friends, we are in a war (a war against Satan) and we need to be fully equipped to fight this war. How is your spiritual life? What do you plan on reading this year? Who do you plan on inviting over to your house soon? How are you going to show and tell Christ this year? With whom?

Please do not use the excuse, "I do not like to read or I am too tired to read or I am too slow to read or I have already read enough". If you approach life with this attitude then you will NOT grow. Did you know that if you just read 3 pages a day then at the end of the year you will have read 1095 pages? That is about 10 books that average 100 pages per book. Be purposeful in your life this year.

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