Saturday, April 10, 2010

Recipe Swap: Beef

I am getting ready to purchase a half of a cow and need to be inspired with lots of beef recipes.  We typically do not eat a lot of beef because of the price.  However, we have a friend who is an organic farmer and has given us an amazing deal on beef that we could not pass up so I am hoping that a lot of people will join with me and post a link for their favorite beef recipe.  If this all works out well, I would love to continue the recipe swap to include other foods on Saturdays.  I am thinking of calling it Recipe Swap Saturday.


JanelleS said...

Hi Debbie,
Your MckLinky doesn't seem to be working.

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

What a great idea! I tried to hook up with your MR. Linky, but for some reason my computer wasn't cooperating. Here's the link to my favorite beef recipe: Sauerbraten

Thanks so much for checking out my blog, commenting and entering in my giveaway! Hope to "see" more of you. I agree with you, cooking from scratch is SUPER satisfying! I've got lots and lots of recipes on my blog.

Debbie said...
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Gretchen and John said...

Unrelated to beef...last night I made the whole wheat hamburger buns you shared the recipe for, and they came out great! Thank you!

I feel too inexperienced in beef to have any recipes of my own to share at the moment, but perhaps we'll think of something...