Saturday, February 12, 2011

Gods and Generals, Liberty's Kids, and Ken Burns Civil War

This year in school, the oldest is learning about American History and the other children are learning about Ancient History.  In lieu of studying American History, we chose to watch a movie about the civil war today, Gods and Generals,  and ALL the kids sat glued to the television with lots of discussion afterwards.  Don loves anything about the civil war and has also been watching a great documentary called, Ken Burns on the Civil War.  If you get a chance to watch either of these, I highly recommend them.  Another great television resource on American History has been Liberty's Kids.  Do you have any favorite books or movies that you have been able to enjoy as a family that are about American History?


JanelleS said...

When I was first pregnant, I had borrowed all of the series of Liberty's Kids and had the kids watch them by the hours and days. Ever since, John can't get enough history and Peter calls anyone who looks like people from that time period, George Washington. :)

MommaMindy said...

Love, love, love Gods and Generals! Just watched it today on my Zune while cleaning the garage. Gettysburg, #2, is also amazing. Still waiting for them to finish #3. Have never heard about the documentary, so will watch that soon.

My favorite book is George Washington Carver by Lawrence Elliot, because along with his life's work, it tells of his faith and the impact of his campus Bible studies.

mosey said...

We just got a video series from Vision forum that goes before that time period but it is still American history... Can't think what it's called now!

Debbie said...

Mosey- I would be interested when you find the name. My husband can not get enough of history. He should have minored in this subject before he became a pastor.

MommaMindy- I'll have to check this book out from the library. Thanks for the recommendation. Also, I am waiting for #3 to be released too. I checked online and was greatly suprised by the rating that Gods and Generals was given by the world- They hated the movie. I totally disagree!

Janelle- That's funny!