Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Stepping Out and Being Bold

I am going to step out and advocate for a precious little girl who needs a family soon.  Her name is Celine and she is five years old.  She lives in St. Petersburg, Russia.  She has downs syndrome.  I found her through Reeces Rainbow website and she currently has a grant available toward her adoption.  However, in order for her to come home, she needs a lot more money given to her grant fund.  The Lord has been laying her on my husband and my heart lately.  We want to adopt her, however, we do not even have the funds to begin the home study or to pay the agency fees.  She needs a miracle.  Very soon, she will be transferred to an institution in which she can no longer be adopted.  We serve a Big God who is in the mountain-moving business and I know that if He wants her to have a family, He can move these mountains to bring her home.  Would you prayerfully consider giving to her grant fund through Reece's Rainbow?  I have put her picture and a link to her page on the side of my blog.

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