Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Story Of Don and I:Part 2

Don went back to life planning his dad's funeral and I went back to life working as a summer camp counselor in Missouri.  He regularly wrote letters and I wrote back all summer.  He even came to visit me one time during the summer.  Our relationship continued to blossom.  When my job ended, I went back to school for the semester and so did he.  Once back in school, he asked me to marry him.  I said no because I wanted my family's approval first and I did not think that they would be ready.  Our relationship still grew stronger in spite of the fact that I was just not ready for marriage yet.   We both ended up not finishing the semester.  He was not ready emotionally due to his dad's death and I did not have the finances.  We both headed back to our hometowns.  Just before we departed, he asked me to elope with him and I still said no.  We both went back to work in our hometowns and planned on getting married in June.

About February, Don had had enough of being without me and he, in desperation, called me one last time and asked me to marry him now.  I said yes and that I thought Valentines Day would be a great time.  So, I traveled to Indiana and asked his pastor to perform the wedding on the 14th.  He said that he could not do that, but could perform the wedding on the 15th.  We took the plunge and had a tiny little wedding on February 15, 1996.  His family attended the wedding.  We had a total of 14 people attend our wedding.  Also, he drove us both to the church building and walked me down the isle.  It was a very non-traditional wedding, but worked great for us!  We are each others best friends and the years just keep getting better.

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