Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Being Real With Life

At the end of the day, the kids really enjoy getting to spend time with daddy.
I would say that this is also my husbands favorite part of his day.
Daddy's girl's just love him lots.
Our toy and book area was well played in today.
Joshua enjoyed playing tent while playing with legos and reading books.
One day away from the laundry leads to this.

This is life after an entire day in the city with doctor visits, clothing shopping, and grocery shopping yesterday. The next day lends itself to a lot of work. Today we had a full and fun day home schooling and cooking, but now have prayer meeting tonight and this to clean up. The great side to all of it is that with 5 kids even though the mess sure adds up fast it also gets cleaned up fast. Everyone has their own jobs to do so that it is not entirely overwhelming for me. This would drive any sane mom crazy if she had the entire mess to clean up herself. I LOVE a clean home. But for now I have to realize that today has been a successful day. School has been taught, kids are napping, the house is peacefully quiet at the moment, and dinner is ready.

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