Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy Birthday, Aaron!!!

Three years ago today at this exact moment (7:30 AM, January 3, 2007) you made your presence into this world in a very memorable way. The day before I taught school and then went to the doctor for a regular check-up. I had started dialating and the doctor sent me home and said that he would just see me in a few days as I had a reduction date scheduled since we live 60 miles (an hour and a half from the hospital). The next morning I woke up in terrible pain and told my husband that we should call 911 since that is what you do when there are no hospitals withing 60 miles. Our neighbor, Carol, was the paramedic on call that day and she asked me if I wanted to deliver at home or just get on the ambulance and head to the hospital. Not knowing what to do, I chose to take an ambulance ride, which proved to be very eventful. A friend stayed with the other children and daddy drove the car (yes, we had a car- a borrowed car because our car window broke the day before, not a van. You were our 4th child!) Bob, the driver of the ambulance, pulled over just outside of town to pick up another EMT and decided it would be best for daddy to get on if he wanted to see you born. While en route to the hospital in White Lake, you made your presence into this world with many complications that I will tell you about when you are old enough to understand. We got about one block from the hospital and a van hit our ambulance while I was trying to deliver your afterbirth. God was watching over you because just two days before the law had changed where instead of you being placed in an incubator box on the side of the ambulance that was hit I was able to hold you. Everyone fell on top of me and I wrapped my arms around you tightly and just rolled over. You were protected from harm. You had no injuries and neither did any of us other than much soreness. We received lots of attention and the media even came in and did interviews. You were on t.v.! Your name means, "mountain of strength". I believe that fits you perfectly! I am thankful to have a little boy like you, Aaron! Happy Birthday, love Mommy.

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