Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Even The Best Laid Plans Get Interrupted

This morning I awoke at 6am and went to the bathroom to get dressed and read my Bible.  However, I heard something outside the bathroom door.  I opened the door and to my great surprise I found 3 of my children happily playing with blocks.  At that point I could have easily gotten angry because my plans to read my Bible were interrupted or I could just accept it and make the best of the situation.  So many times throughout the day I get interrupted (even now as I type this, I must go back and forth and type every chance I can get).  Life is about a choice.  Do I chose to accept the situation, change the situation, whine and complain about the situation and do nothing, or just get angry and yell at my kids and those who are interrupting my schedule?  It all goes back to whether or not this is really my schedule.  One thing that I am learning is that this life is not about me and always following my schedule, but being flexible and realizing that the Lord is in control of my schedule and it is really His schedule.  My character is being shaped throughout all of this.  My prayer is that I will be submissive to His plan for my life today.


MommaMindy said...

When I was having the same issue when my kids were young, my husband suggested that I leave my Bible out on the counter or table, where little fingers couldn't get into it. That way I could glean throughout the day. I would read one verse, meditate as I did something, go back later, read the next verse. It became more of an exercise in meditation to supplement my morning reading, which was usually interrupted. :)

Debbie said...


Thank you for the suggestion. I do believe that I will do just that. The kids also get to see that God's Word is a priority in my life if I am continually grazing upon the Word of God. I plan on writing a post about Bible memorization in which is very similar to your suggestion. More than anything I want to just grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord, Jesus Christ, in the midst of interruptions.