Thursday, December 24, 2009

Friends, Please Pray and Share This With Others, Too!!!

At this time when we think of Christ and are celebrating His birth during the next few days please keep Esther and her family in your prayers. They are facing a monumentous trial during this season of their lives. I also hope that as I copy and paste this letter from our friends that you too will help me to spread the word to pray for this precious little girl and most importantly that if she is not trusting in Christ as her Lord and Savior for the forgiveness of her sins and the hope of eternal life that she would do that even now and that she would have a great understanding.

Dear Friends,
We so much appreciate your prayers, thoughts, cards, concern… This past week has been very difficult for Lydia and I. On Monday, we met with the doctors and told them that we had decided not to do chemotherapy. It was a rough meeting with the doctors strongly pressing their case for chemotherapy. However, they have accepted our decision and Esther comes home today (12.23.09). We will do a small amount of traveling to visit relatives over the next month or so and then be in Springfield, MO until Esther goes home. The doctors have given 2 – 6 months, but no one really knows for sure. Once we are done with the traveling (we want to visit family in Mississippi, Kentucky, and Indiana), we will have pediatric hospice involved. Our doctor in Bolivar and hospice will oversea Esther’s care.
We appreciate your prayers as we go through this difficult time.

For Souls,
Daniel Elliott
Your Missionaries to Mongolia

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