Thursday, December 17, 2009

"Mom, Call 911! Kara Has Her Tongue Stuck To a Pole"

My son comes running in the house this afternoon crying and begging me to call 911. I immediately put on my coat and follow him outside asking why. He explained that he and his sister thought that it would be a great idea to sled down the cliff in our back yard and she got her glove stuck to a pole (it was 3 degrees outside) so they decided to try and cut it (the glove) off with some scissors. That did not work so she then proceeded to use her mouth to pry the glove off and got her tongue and mouth stuck on the pole. Is this story resembling A Christmas Story just a little? Honestly, I never in a million years thought my children would be so silly as to do such a thing. I mean didn't they also watch and laugh as the boy got his tongue stuck and the ambulance was called. I sure did! Anyway, I quickly went outside as Matthew was showing me where she was and she came running to me with her mouth covered in blood and crying profusely. I gave her a hug and comforted her as she rinsed her mouth with warm water and held on to a wet rag. Later, like any mommy, I laughed and took a picture. She said that if I went down the cliff I could see the top layer of her tongue stuck to the pole. So, with her permission, I took pictures. The first two pictures are of the top layer of her tongue and her glove. She is doing 100% better now and even talks just fine now. She has learned a very important lesson at the beginning of our sledding season. She will now stay away from the cliff (which was off limits anyway). As soon as her daddy and brother walked in the door we told them and he just laughed hard. I will just be careful as to what I feed her for the next few days.

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