Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Things For Which I Am Thankful For Today

Since the beginning of November I have not been feeling well or doing well emotionally due to my partial molar pregnancy. However, today I am rejoicing that I seem to be feeling better and doing better emotionally. My hcg numbers are going down. I take it one day at a time not knowing what the next day will bring and try to rejoice because this IS the day that the Lord has made and I will rejoice and be glad in it. In fact, scripture teaches that no matter what my contentment should be in Christ alone. So many times I try to place my contentment in my circumstances or in things and I get sad or frustrated. Circumstances always change and things quickly fade away. God is UNCHANGING and is FOREVER!!! This is where I should always be placing my eyes. .
Just as I sit at my computer and type this blog post this evening, I look out my window and see movement. I get up and see 5 deer wandering across my lawn and try to take a picture so you, too, can see how beautiful they are. As I look at these animals, I think of what an amazing God we have. He is more beautiful than these 5 deer and worthy of our worship and praise!
There are many things for which I can thank God for today: I got up at 6:15 and had a nice breakfast pizza on the table for our family this morning. Everyone was downstairs by 7:45 and chores were completed very early with no complaint. Family worship was over before 8:30 and Don was able to get out the door and over to the office to study the scriptures for sermon preparation early this morning. We finished home school by noon. I did not lose my temper today. While I was teaching school, I was listening to music and I looked up to see my sweet 2 (almost 3)year old having fun dancing to a song another blogger had on her play list. Later, he and his sister danced nicely. I got a short nap while my children watched Signing Time. I had an enjoyable day with 2 of our boys and our baby girl hanging out and following me around (tomato staking) all day. After lunch, we enjoyed cooking and baking together (4 children while baby slept). We all enjoyed delicious macaroon kiss cookies with our dinner. My crock pot has been most helpful as it has been used daily lately. My wonderful husband persevered through prayer meeting (even though we (7) were the only ones present tonight). He is a faithful teacher and leader in our family! He loves God and His word and has a passion for teaching it to his family. I have a warm house in the midst of this frigid cold weather.

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