Friday, December 4, 2009

You Know You're A Large Family If...

1. You return from a shopping trip with 7 loaves of bread, 5 gallons of milk, 7 boxes of cereal, 4 bags of apples, 4 bunches of bananas, and many other things and you are asked if you are stocking up for the month and you reply, "no, this is just for 1 week."

2. Couponing becomes a Monday family event.

3. You have to make many trips to the doctor and dentist just for all of your children to get in their yearly check-ups.

4. You don't get many invites for dinner because people are overwhelmed at the size of your family and the cost it will take to feed them all.

5. 4 loads of laundry is a daily chore.

6. Sweeping and mopping the floor occurs 3 times a day.

This list can and will continue as I think of more to write.


MommaMindy said...

My husband came home from work one day and was a little grossed out by the kitchen floor. He was hesitant to criticize, but finally said, "Do you think you could sweep the floor at least once a day?" He was shocked when I answered, "Honey, I sweep after every meal. This is just from after lunch!"

Debbie said...

That is funny because mine has said the same thing and I replied the same way. When you have a large family sweeping and moping the floor is not an option. It usually occurs 3 times a day. Just recently I droped an entire pan of cookies on the floor and went upstairs, when I came back downstairs they had already been eaten by the kids.