Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Do You Want to Know How To Buy Tide For As Little As -$2.03 for 3 Containers or get Pampers for Free Plus Overage?

Just last night I was looking at the flyer that was sent to me through e-mail from Rite-Aid and noticed that they had a great promotion going on.  If you purchase $30 worth of participating P&G products then you get $10 back in a prepaid Visa card.  Plus, you can always find $1 off 1 Tide coupons in the newspaper.  If you participated in the Olay Olympics program January and February and received either the $15 prepaid Visa card or the $35 prepaid Visa card, you can use this toward your P&G purchase.  Also, Rite-Aid regularly runs rebates when you purchase certain products and this can also be applied toward your Tide or other participating P&G purchase.

Here is the breakdown on what I plan on doing:  sending my husband to Rite-Aid and purchasing 3 containers of Tide each for $10.99.  That totals $32.97.  I also plan on using my $5 off $20 purchase through watching videos on Rite-Aids website.  Then using my $15 prepaid Visa card earned through the Olay Olympics program, bringing my total down to $12.97.  I also received a $2 rebate check and have 3 $1 off 1 Tide coupons.  That brings my grand total down to $7.97 and that is before my rebate of $10 is applied from this purchase.  My grand total for purchasing 3 Tides is better than free, -$2.03.  So basically what I am saying is that Rite-Aid is paying me $2.03 to purchase 3 bottles of Tide.  That is cheaper than homemade detergent any day!!!  This is also how I purchase all of our diapers for so cheap.  Once you get started in the rebates the money starts rolling and it is very easy, no paperwork and no mailing required.  All you do is log on to Rite-Aid's website and type in a few things from you receipt and then in a short weeks you get your money.   Couldn't be easier!!!

I also just saw that this will work well with Pampers diapers or wipes.  However, because the diapers are $9.99 you will have to buy 3 packages of diapers and one "filler item like maybe a pencil or some candy or gum" and this will make the savings even greater depending on the value of the coupon.

Another great way to save is to watch for money given on prescription transfers.  They just ran this last month and gave away $50 for a transfer of 2 prescriptions and $25 for a transfer of one prescription.  All that needed to be done was to print off the coupon from their website and take it in the store when you transferred your prescription.  This one I missed because I am currently without a printer.  I am always looking for great ways to save, so the more I find, the more I will share.

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DannielleSB said...

It's even cheaper to cloth diaper. I LOVE envibum! and it's whole lot better for babies, and very green. Too many chemicals in disposables.