Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Thankful Tuesday

Come and join me each Tuesday and post a link on your blog referring others to Thankful Tuesday.  This is all being done to cultivate a heart of gratitude.  Won't it be great to look back over the entire year and see how many things you were thankful for.  I encourage you to try and list 10 things each week.

21.  Jesus did not stay dead in the grave.  He rose from the grave and is reigning with God the Father at His right hand.

22.  The Lord's mercies are new each morning.

23.  That I do not have to work in my own strength, but rely upon the Lord's strength.

24.  New York Maple Syrup- 1 whole gallon of it in my refrigerator.

25.  Food in my refrigerator.

26.  A few more dollars than lately to spend at the grocery store this week.

27.  Kind and generous people who are willing to pass on very nice clothes for my children (Two people shared with us this week).

28.  We finished the Vos Children's Story Bible this morning for the upteenth zillion time and now a new start with the actual Bible in Genesis reading 1 chapter at a time.

29.  A great foundation was laid with our children when it comes to the story line of the Bible as we read and continually re-read our favorite and highly recommended children's story Bible.

30.  The salvation of one of our children and the growth I am seeing so far.


Gretchen and John said...

Those are all great things, but especially the last! It's wonderful to hear that you are encouraged in that way!!

mosey said...

It is in my plans to join in starting next week! (I missed it this week!)