Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Very Valuable Lesson

Today I learned just how important it is to put away all harmful chemicals.  We had company early in the week and she asked if she could borrow my fingernail polish remover.  I said yes and told her where I keep it.  It was never put away and in the midst of cleaning house today, my oldest child came and was panicky as he told me that his little 3 yr. old brother had drank the fingernail polish remover.  I questioned him and smelled his breath. Sure enough, he had indeed drank 5 oz. of fingernail polish remover.  His breath reeked of it and so did his skin.  I quickly called my doctor and they told me to call poison control.  The nice lady from poison control assured me that my son would more than likely be okay and that he would probably just experience irritation in his throat.  She told me to sit him still and have him drink a glass of milk to dilute the fingernail polish remover and if in 30 minutes he was complaining of stomach pains, vomiting, acting drunk or weak to call her back.  Well, we all stopped what we were doing and watched him for a long time.  My oldest son was scared to death that he would die, so I called them back for reassurance that he would be okay.  They were patient, thorough, and great people to deal with.

If you ever have an experience like I did do not hesitate to give poison control a call.  1-800-252-5655 Keep their number posted clearly and warn your children of the dangers of chemicals in your home.  Put all chemicals out of reach of your children's hands.  Teach them the importance of telling others if they see their siblings ingesting these kind of things.  This could have been life threatening today!  It scared me enough to walk all through out my house making sure that all chemicals are put out of my children's reach and teaching them of the dangers of ingesting them.  I am thankful to the Lord that He preserved the life of my son today and that He gave me a real wake up call.


MommaMindy said...

Praise the Lord that He watched over your son! It just seems crazy that kids would EAT and DRINK icky stuff, but they do. Thank you for the reminder. Your honesty in sharing may keep someone else from danger.

mosey said...

Very thankful your little one is ok... The Lord is good!

I have a child whom I have called poison control for on MORE than multiple occasions (he is remarkably talented at opening locks and climbing to great heights!)

I just had to ditto, poison control people are awesome, they are gentle and kind!!!

JanelleS said...

So glad everything is OK!

Anonymous said...

Been there, done that! Juniper berries from a bush near our home, my grandmother's heart meds, etc. I, too, am thankful for poison control hotline. I have always found them helpful, calm, and understanding. I'm thankful your story turned out well.