Monday, March 8, 2010

Spring Cleaning Update...Last Week- Entry Way

Before Picture.
After picture.

Sara over at had a challenge last week in her spring cleaning to work on the entry way/mud room.

                 After Picture.

We are still in the midst of winter, so cleaning the entry and having it all organized was a bit of a challenge.  I still plan on doing a few more things to this entry way/mud room when winter is over for us sometime between April and May.  But for now, I am satisfied with having all of the boots on a shoe rack and the coats hung up on either the rack or in the closet.  I would also like to hang some kind of welcome picture or Bible verse above the coats.  When I figure out what I will do, I will update this post with more pictures.  Until then head on over to Sarah's blog and check out her progress as well as other's progress in this area.

If you do not want to join Sarah in her challenge then head on over to Janelle's blog and check out her challenge to transform one room at a time.

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Sarah said...

You did a great job! With a bunch of kids comes a bunch of coats and shoes and boots... But you did great!

Thanks for linking up!