Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Freezer Cooking Progress: Day 1

After shopping yesterday, I decided that I needed to begin my kitchen prep work for our February meals.  For my sanity I am going to list all that I accomplished today with my 5 little helpers.

  1. Cooked pork shoulder butt roast for carnitas soft tacos and other dishes.
  2. Cooked pinto beans.
  3. Cooked chili.
  4. Made hamburger patties from an entire 5 lb package of ground beef.
  5. Made barbeque sauce.
  6. Made meatballs from an entire 5lb. package of ground beef.
  7. Cooked 5 lbs. of ground beef.
  8. Am currently soaking steel cut oats for use in meatloaf.
  9. Chopped ALL of our onions.
  10. Chopped peppers (red, orange, and yellow)
  11. Chopped chinese cabbage.
  12. Chopped purple cabbage.
  13. Chopped cucumber.
  14. Baked 9 sweet potatoes, mashed, and froze them.
  15. Baked 2 butternut squash, mashed, and froze them.
  16. Cooked tonight's meal:  Polksa kielbasa sausage with onions grilled cheese sandwiches.
  17. Cleaned the kitchen.
Tomorrow, I plan on finishing up the meat and bean preparations, putting together baking mixes in zip lock baggies, and cleaning up after I am done.  What I don't finish tomorrow, I will work on the next day till I am finished.  I plan on writing a post about my menu and grocery list.  I also want to write about how I was able to spend so little for an entire month's worth of food and how you can do the same.  This has not come easy.  I have read books and blogs about being frugal when it comes to meal preparation and grocery shopping.  I have also learned much through trial and error and I want to share the journey with you all.


I am blessed! said...

I've never thought of freezing sweet potatoes or squash. Let me know how it turns out!

Congrats on your hcg levels staying down.

Roan said...

I am looking forward to these posts. I saved $25 with coupons today! Yay!