Saturday, February 13, 2010

One of Our Own Competing In the Olympics

We have one of our own (from Remsen which is not far down the road), Erin Hamlin,  competing in the Olympics this year.  She is competing in the luge races.  It must be scary for her considering another competitor just died in the trial runs.  The track in my opinion, is way too fast!  It is the limit at how fast a track is recommended to be (90 miles per hour).  This is an adrenaline pumping sport with well trained athletes who know what they are getting themselves into, but I think that the officials should at least make the walls higher where the crash occurred so that hopefully there will be no further injuries or fatalities.

Since we live in snow country where many Olympians come from we plan on spending much time watching the Olympics.  In fact, the Olympics were held in this area (2 hours away in Lake Placid) two times and there is still an official training center there.  I am thinking that it would be a great unit study for school over the next 2 weeks and a great field trip opportunity to go and tour the training center next week.

I write all of this to say that we are cheering for Erin Hamlin and praying that God will keep her safe and relieve any fears she may now be having.

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