Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Lost Tooth, A New Fascination, Lego Building, and Red Rover Playing All In A Day

After much wait, the tooth finally comes out!!!  Our sweet daughter does not want any one touching her tooth when it is loose.  We must literally wait till the tooth is hanging by a thread.  However, in the past two weeks she has lost two teeth and now has that precious toothless grin that most seven year olds get.
Another thing that is taking place in our busy household is a new fascination for shoes and hats.  We have taught our children how to sign using Signing Time videos and sweet, Emily, goes around the house signing shoes and hats.  She also puts them on all the time and loves having her picture taken.

During rest time the favorite activity of my oldest child is building legos while listening to Jonathan Park.  I found this army set up after rest time.

The very last thing that I am going to share with you is the children playing a game of Red Rover.  I just taught them this game today and they loved it!  It was funny, by the end of the game little Emily was even saying, "Red Rover".

We concluded our afternoon play with learning how to break dance.  Every one performed their dance and I recorded it, but I will not bore you any more.  It was a great memory maker.  Kids are wonderful!!!

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MommaMindy said...

So are Mommies! Sounds like you made some very special memories for your kids. I love how mommies love their kids. So inpsiring.