Saturday, February 20, 2010

Our Plans Are Not Necessarily The Lord's Plans

This morning I woke up and literally could not stand up and walk to the bathroom.  I had to crawl.  The lower right half of my back hurt so bad that I could not put any weight on my leg as I tried to walk.  It is funny how much we fully depend upon our bodies to do their jobs.  It is just suppose to work right all the time.  Didn't my body know that I had plans to read my Bible and run on the treadmill before getting the kids up and starting our day off great and that my plans did not include a hurt back?  My husband also had plans to prepare for the sermon tomorrow, not to care for his hurt wife.  Well, the Lord sure has a way to show us our dependance upon Him and not in our bodies or our plans!

After crawling to the bathroom and back I humbly ask my husband for help and he so graciously helped me and recommended that I take an advil and go to the chiropractor when he opened.  I followed his advice and am now able to walk and carry on with my day, just slowly.   The chiropractor adjusted my back and said that I needed to be taking calcium and that this was not just something that happened, but that it had been building up for a while and just manifested itself when I got up out of bed this morning.  My husband decided to stay at home and help me as I needed it.  I have come to the conclusion that just because there may be detours in the road, motherhood does not stop or even slow down.  It is still just as demanding and I just have to work at it at a slower pace today.  For now, I will just be thankful for the Lord, my husband, my body, and the chiropractor.


mosey said...

I will be praying for you. I have herniated disks in my lower back and neck so I understand back pain!!! It is debilitating! And you are so very right, motherhood doesn't stop while it hurts. You are in my prayers today, just remember that your children will see you and learn from your grace as you bear suffering and it will be worth far more than you just explaining it to them ever could be!

JanelleS said...

So sorry to hear about your back! I will be praying for you and hope that you will be able to get back to normal soon.

I do believe that if we knew our what our lives would hold before we experienced it, it would take great courage to face it. I'm so glad Don was able to stay home and help you. May God's grace help you to get through these next couple of days.