Saturday, February 27, 2010

How To Can Fresh Veggies and Fruits When Having A Garden Is Impossible

I live in an area that is full of wildlife, especially deer and black bear, making it very hard to have a garden.  In addition, we have little sunlight because of the many pine trees on our property, little land because our parsonage and the church building are on the same property, no spicket, and very short growing seasons (due to long winters).  Put all of this together in addition to a husband who says no and the answer is no to gardening.  So, I ask the question, "how do I feed my family fresh fruits and veggies year round while maintaining to be a frugal mom?"  After talking to a dear lady in our congregation who owned her own farm for many years in central NY (2 and a half hours away),  she suggested that I could still can and freeze fresh fruits and veggies with out having a garden.  She said to find a local farmer (even if I must drive a little ways a way) and support him or her and buy large quantities from them.  So now, my plan is to find a local farmer and support them, pick wild berries in the summer (our favorite summer activity), try and learn how to hunt or find a farmer who will sell us meat, buy local maple syrup (in about a month it will be tree tapping time), and just be thankful that God has placed us here to bloom.

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