Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Strange Prayer Request

Snow!!!  We need 18 more inches of snow by next week-end or they will cancel the National Sled Dog Races this year that comes to town every year and brings us much business.  This decrease in snow also affects the snow mobiles and the skiing.  I live in a tourist community in upstate New York and we receive on average 200+ inches of snow a year and this year we are down, which is not good for business.  Money is made from the tourists coming.  Without the tourists, our locals (people who live here year round) suffer.  So, please pray that we get at least 18 inches of snow by next week-end.


Anonymous said...

Funny...EVERYONE else is praying for the snow to go away... :)

Debbie said...

I just watched the weather forcast and we need lake effect snow. We can have everyboy else's snow. Pray for lake effect snow. Our snow fall was very short lived today.

Debbie said...

The sled dog races were canceled this year because we did not get anymore snow.